3.5 Ounces Heavy Dental Rubber Traction Bands


  • Orthodontic elastic rubber bands are made of natural rubber, safe and hygienic.
  • Dental elastic rubber band with plastic cushion cover, lightweight,
  • For dental elastic rubber band placers, each end has a different hook
  • Package includes 500 pcs orthordontic elastic rubber bands
  • Orthodontic elastic rubber bands: natural rubber, safe, hygienic, suitable for braces, tooth gaps, and various uses.
  • Rubber band placer: quality plastic, durable, with elastic hook and pusher for easy removal.
  • Dental elastic rubber band: lightweight, portable, plastic cushion cover, suitable for travel, work, school, and outdoor activities.
  • Orthodontic elastic rubber band placers: each end has different hooks for easy application and removal.
  • Intended use: orthodontics, braces, tooth gaps; also suitable for various hair styling and craft uses.
  • 500 pcs of medium force orthodontic elastic rubber bands; 5 pcs plastic orthodontic elastic placers—random placer colour.


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