elvatome® 2.0 Kit (5 Pack)


Introducing the Elvatome® 2.0 Kit – a game-changer in dental extraction instruments. This 5-pack set features spade elvatomes designed for precise, atraumatic extractions. Upgrade your practice with superior ergonomics and efficiency.

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elvatome® 2.0 Kit (5 Pack)

Introducing the Elvatome® 2.0 Kit – a revolutionary set of 5 spade elvatomes in a sterilizable cassette, ideal for atraumatic extractions. Each kit includes Straight, Distally Angled, Mesially Angled, Left Angled, and Right Angled Spade Elvatomes 2.0 with Sterilizable Cassette.

The Elvatome 2.0 features a cutting-edge design that combines the precision of a periotome with the strength of a luxating elevator. Its spade-shaped sharp tip efficiently severs the periodontal ligament while expanding the alveolar bone, ensuring precise and atraumatic tooth extractions.

Equipped with our patent-pending TWIST handle, Elvatome 2.0 offers superior ergonomics, guiding clinicians in the recommended “Push and Twist” motion for optimal results. Its thicker construction enhances rigidity, reducing clinician fatigue, particularly in interproximal areas. Crafted with a single rod construction and a weighted stainless steel teardrop, Elvatome 2.0 maximizes strength and durability, facilitating easier entry into proximal areas with more force.

A must-have for any dental practice, Elvatome 2.0 prioritizes tissue protection, bone preservation, and patient comfort during extractions. Upgrade your armamentarium with the precision and efficiency of Elvatome 2.0.


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